Here’s Why Tyga Probably WON’T Be Getting Arrested This Weekend, Despite Those Rumours

He's, er, sorted it out.

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Tyga’s return home from Kylie’s birthday trip to Turks and Caicos probably won’t be as eventful as some reports are making out.

The rapper was in debt of around €450,000 after repeatedly failing to meet rent payments on his Malibu pad, and after missing a scheduled court deposition earlier this week, a warrant was issued for his arrest. But it seems he’s sorted things out, and just in the nick of time, too.

As Tyga is currently sunning himself with Kylie and Kendall on an island resort just south of the Bahamas, TMZ last night reported that he’d most likely be arrested as soon as he landed back in a US jurisdiction, meaning police officers could well be waiting for him at the airport.

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However it seems that Tyga has since paid off his landlord and settled the debt issue out of court – so he’s off the hook for now.

“The case got settled. Tyga paid,” Tyga’s old landlord Boris Treyzon told Us Weekly last last night. “It’s been executed and everything has been performed.”

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Treyzon had originally said he would push for various assets and gifts to be seized to make up the value of Tyga’s missed payments – among them the €180,000 Mercedes Maybach the rapper gifted Kylie last week for her 19th birthday.

Thank you baby @kinggoldchains

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He might have gotten himself out of hot water with his landlord, but we reckon Tyga’s still in the bad books with the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

After all, an airport arrest in full view of papparazzi isn’t exactly the kind of press Kylie, Kendall and co. would be in favour of.


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