Here’s Why You Should Watch To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Netflix’s Newest Rom Com

Pencil it in for your next movie night.

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It seems Netflix are set upon single-handedly reviving the romantic comedy genre, right? Set It Up was a huge hit for them earlier this year (if you haven’t watched it yet, please do) and now they’ve got another cracker on their hands.

You might have heard a few people talking about To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before over the weekend – here’s why you should give it a watch on your next movie night.

What’s it about?

Based on the YA novel by Jenny Han, the story follows Lara Jean, a Korean-American teenager who writes love letters to all her past crushes, telling them all the things she’d never speak aloud.

But when those secret letters are mailed, she has to deal with her imaginary love life becoming very real indeed – and all the while, she’s nursing a HUGE crush on her sister’s ex-boyfriend. Lots going on there.

Who is in it?

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Lana Condor, who previously had minor roles in X-Men: Apocalypse and Patriot’s Day, really shines in the role of Lara Jean – and you’ll probably fancy Noah Centineo, who plays her main love interest.

John Corbett, who you will of course recognise as Aidan from Sex and the City, stars as Lara Jean’s da, and he’s as cute as anything in it. Justice for Aidan!

Why are people so into it?

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Well, it’s a sweet story beautifully told – it also looks gorgeous, with great clothes and stunning backdrops (that cherry blossom tree in the still above!).

Going beyond that, it’s being praised for telling the story of an Asian American teenager. Lana Condor said she never expected to play the lead love interest in a rom com:

I don’t get those opportunities, for probably many reasons, but one of them would likely be because I’m Asian. So when I got the audition and it said they were looking for an Asian American girl to play the lead love interest in a rom com, I was shocked. Truly. I just had never gotten that before.

Paired with the huge success of the film Crazy Rich Asians in the US (which is coming out here in September), it’s a good time for Asian representation in mainstream cinema.

We certainly welcome as many rom coms as possible in our lives. More, Netflix! More!


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