Hilary Duff Agrees This ‘A Cinderella Story’ Plot Hole Is Kind Of Ridiculous

Finally, some answers

Were you even a child/teen of the naughties if you didn’t watch American romcom A Cinderella Story on repeat?

To unlock those forgotten memories for you, A Cinderella Story followed the plot of Sam, a teenage girl who dreams of going to college after her father dies. With no support from her step-mother or sisters, Sam finds solace in a penpal, Nomad, who turns out to be the ‘cool boy’ in her school, Austin. But, as they’re both hiding their real identities, their path to finding love with one another isn’t exactly straight forward.

But, although we were just mere babies at the time of our obsession, distracted by Chad Michael Murray and those dreamy eyes of his, there was one plot hole we all noticed, and missing the answer to that has been haunting us since.

We’re of course referring to the scene where Sam, played by Hilary, fooled her love interest Austin into thinking she was someone other than the cruelly dubbed ‘diner girl’ by meeting him at a Halloween dance disguised in the flimsiest eye-mask known to man.

With a minuscule piece of paper covering her eyes, Austin was totally fooled by Sam, not realising who she really was. But how?! Speaking about the plot hole, Hilary recently told Cosmopolitan that even she agrees it was a bit ridic.

“Maybe he got hit in the head too many times during football?” Hilary surmised.

“It was pretty recognisably me, right? I don’t even know if that was even a question [that came up] on set! That is so good. I don’t know what to say about that. There was definitely a problem with the script there.”

Well, we’re satisfied that we can now rest easy knowing that even Hilary is just as baffled as we are. Still, though, it’s a relic of cinematic history, and if you’re in the mood to take a trip down memory lane, the good news is it’s available to watch on Netflix now – you’re welcome.