Hilary Duff Is Serving Noughties Vibes With This Throwback Dance

And no, it's not the Hoedown Throwdown, but it's similar.


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Either Hilary Duff has the memory of an elephant or she just spent the last few days re-learning one of her iconic dances from the 00s, whatever the case may be, the girl has moves.

Earlier this week, the 34-year-old actor joined in on the laugh when she mimicked her choreography from 2007 for her track “With Love”.

While plugging the single and performing it at the time, Hilary bust out some pretty retro moves to go with the song and well, people are loving the chance to recreate them online.

Sending the clip viral, users even caught the attention of the star herself and obviously, she had to give the trend her own spin; a whole 14 years later.

“So I can stop receiving text about this….✌🏻 also….. I tik toked….and it was a 12% kinda day,” Hilary wrote online.


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For research purposes, it’s also only right that we show you the whole video in question, an artefact if you will. Click here! Bring back this era, we miss it.

On March 24, the Younger actress and her husband, singer-songwriter Matthew Koma, welcomed daughter Mae James to the world, joining older siblings Banks Violet, and Duff’s son Luca Cruz.


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Talking about life as a mom of three during the pandemic, Hilary said to People:

“It’s a learning curve to throw a newborn into the mix. A lot of people have been like, ‘that third kid really gets you.’ And they’re right!”

Continuing, she adding that despite the house most certainly being fuller, she’s loving the “mayhem” and all this new chapter of her motherhood journey brings.


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