Hilary Duff Opens Up About Motherhood

She’s thriving!


Hilary Duff has opened up all about motherhood and living life to the fullest and we’re high key here for this amazing mam.

During an interview with E!News Hilary dove into exactly how she’s feeling as a 35-year-old with three kids. She said:”I feel better than ever. I love my age right now, I feel like every year has just gotten more comfortable and everyone has said that.”

Adding: “Now I finally believe it to be true, I’m like ‘Oh got it, okay this is what it’s supposed to feel like.”


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But how does she balance everything from career to being a mam and keeping time for her relationship as well as herself? According to the mam of three it’s definitely hard, plus she’s got nannies. She says: “There’s no way I could handle three kids and our crazy lives without an amazing support system at home with my husband and with our nannies.

She later says that she does everything for her kids so she just finds the balance. She explained: “I want to be there for each one of them in the biggest way that I can. You can’t split yourself into three sometimes, they’re all at different stages [in life] so we just divide and conquer and just try to make them feel supported. Sometimes when no one is there for them, that’s character building and that’s fine too.”


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When it comes to her style of parenting,  Hilary enjoys joining her kids in the battle of the pranks. The iconic actress said: “I’m going to toot my own horn. I’m a really fun mom. I love to joke around with my kids. I’ll wait for five minutes behind a wall to jump out and scare one of them. I love pranks.”

Can Hilary Duff adopt us?