“How Does That Work?” Love Island’s Jake Feels He Was Portrayed Unfairly On The Show

"I’ve been painted this way as a pantomime villain"


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It’s been a hot minute since the Love Island final, but there’s been a whole lot to unpack since. While Jake and Liberty coupled up on day one of Love Island and made things official pretty quickly, some things weren’t adding up for the audience and eventually for some of the other Islanders too.

The pair eventually called it a day on their relationship, before leaving just days before the finale. Now, Jake is saying he feels as if ITV manipulated scenes in order to portray him as a “pantomime villain”.

Speaking to the Mail Online, Jake said, “It isn’t nice I’ve been painted this way as a pantomime villain.

“It isn’t the nicest to come across as someone I’m not,” adding that it, “isn’t nice when you’re on the back end.”

He then shared his frustration that he was made look worse in scenes than Liam, when he didn’t stray from Liberty. “I got a bigger backlash than Liam when I didn’t get with any girl and was loyal and I’m the one that’s come out the worst – how does that work?”


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A post shared by J A K E Y (@jakecornish7)

Jake then questioned why the producers decided to share the clips that they did during the ‘Mad Movies’ night, saying that was the end of his and Liberty’s relationship.

“During the Movie Night, they had to bring back a clip from Day Two to make me look bad. I’m sorry but Day Two? Everyone’s got opinions but that was taken out of context. I had to sit back and take it.”

He continued, “They’ve got to make storylines, but it isn’t nice when you’re on the back end. Liberty and I were big parts of the show; it was a way to make something out of it, which is a shame really. At the time I was like ‘what the hell?’”

Since leaving the villa, Jake revealed that he has had to deal with a lot of trolling online, sharing: “I am okay. I am very thick-skinned. I’ve had a lot of death threats but the only people I care about are those that want to support me.”


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