How Many Calories Are In Your Favourite Christmas Coffees? We Found Out…

We're all partial to a Gingerbread latte (or three) on a chilly day, but just how do those comforting cuppas rack up when it comes to calories, fat and sugar content?

Starbucks Chritmas Cup

The temperatures have dropped, all the shops are fronting festive displays and we’re about one week away from hearing Jingle Bells blasting through the radio every 30 minutes.

It can only mean one thing; Christmas is coming, and while we’re not feeling particularly spirited about blowing all our extra cash on presents, or ‘enjoying’ a load of extra hangovers, we are very excited about doing one particular thing over the next six weeks; sitting in a nice warm cafe, wrapped in our woolies, supping on super comforting, ever-so-sweet, speciciality Christmas coffees.

With offerings likes almond hot chocolates, eggnog lattes and salted caramel cappuccinos, there are a tonne of festive beverages to choice from, but not surprisingly, they’re non too healthy.

Among the worst offenders are Costa’s White Chocolate Latte, which stacks up an impressive(?) 636 calories and 34.1g of fat, and Starbucks’ Honey And Almond Hot Chocolate, which contains 560 calories and (gasp!) 72.5g of sugar.

To put that into perspective, according to World Health Organization guidelines, an adult should be consuming just 2,000 calories, 25g of sugar and 70g of fat a day. Eek!

Guess, we won’t be enjoying our Christmas cuppas quite as regularly this season. Here’s how a few of our favourites rack up…


Caramel Fudge Hot Chocolate, massimo size, full fat

661 calories
19.4g fat
98.1g sugar

Gingerbread And Cream Latte, massimo size, full fat

317 calories
13.8g fat
34.9g sugar

Black Forest Hot Chocolate, massimo size, full fat

556 calories
25.7g fat
60.3g sugar

Tiramisu Latte, massimo size, full fat

440 calories
23.9g fat
41.2g sugar

Salted Caramel Cappuccino, massimo size, full fat

318 calories
14.3g fat
34.3g sugar

White Hot Chocolate, massimo size, full fat

636 calories
32.1g fat
57.2g sugar

Sticky Toffee Latte, massimo size, full fat

610 calories
28.3g fat
73.3g sugar


Eggnog Latte, venti

547 calories
25.9g fat

Gingerbread Latte, venti

403 calories
15.2g fat
47.9g sugar

Toffee Nut Latte, venti

417 calories
15.7g fat
50g sugar

Honey And Almond Hot Chocolate, venti

560 calories
16g fat
72.5g sugar