How Molly-Mae’s Instagram Giveaway Is Set To Make Her A Lot Of Money

We've seen it pasted all over our feeds, but here's what it really means to the Love Islander...


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Unless you’ve been on a social media cleanse, I’m sure you’ve seen the Molly-Mae giveaway extravaganza.

The image of the 2019 Love Island runner-up surrounded by Louis Vuitton boxes, electronics and products to beat the band has been doing the rounds online for the past two weeks with everyone wanting in on the action, hoping and praying that they’re lucky enough to win the giveaway.

As we all know, giveaways aren’t a new phenomenon on Instagram, with influencers and brands often doing a “like and share” style post in order to up their engagement and following, which in turn helps them make more money, but it’s not often you see a giveaway of Molly-Mae’s calibre.


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In the first 24 hours of the giveaway being live, Molly-Mae gained a whopping 106,514 followers according to stats from Social Blade. For an influencer like Molly-Mae, followers and engagement is crucial for her brand to succeed. Most of her income comes from paid posts on social media and the more followers and more engagement she has, the more money she will make off potential brands.

Now, a whole two weeks later, as the competition ends, Molly-Mae’s giveaway has received 1.1 million likes and 2.9 million comments with a gained following of 308,237 for the star in the past 30 days. This increases her following to a staggering 4.8 million followers.

One year on from Love Island, a mega competition like this from Molly-Mae isn’t just a smart business move, but it also helps to keep her in the public eye, when TV and event appearances are at an all-time low due to the pandemic. Molly-Mae isn’t just winning in terms of cash with this giveaway, she’s gaining more brand awareness and a even potentially, a new fanbase that mightn’t even associate her with Love Island.


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As it has been previously reported that Molly-Mae can make up to £11,000 for one sponsored post, the star’s new following alongside upped engagement stats thanks to the giveaway, means she could be charging upwards of £2,000 more for a paid post.

This, combined with her tanning business Filter and retainer clothing collaborations like PrettyLittleThing, means Molly-Mae at 21-years-old is a force to be reckoned with.

We can’t say anything but fair play, Molly-Mae, you’re ahead of the game.


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