How Team STELLAR Got Their Health Back On Track Post-Christmas With Cellnutrition

STELLAR Promotion: The mineral supplements helped to balance us after the festive season.

After a hectic festive period and the chill of January, our health wasn’t at its optimum. Two members of team STELLAR took Cellnutrition products to see if the hype was true – here’s how they got on…

Staff Writer Cara Croke

“I’ve been taking Cellnutrition’s mineral supplements daily and have really noticed a difference in my overall mood and energy. The solution is designed to balance and repair the body’s cells, meaning my energy levels are up and I’m no longer exhausted after minor activities – which is a definite plus!

Cellnutrition helps combat stress too, meaning I’ve been sleeping much better since I started taking them. I’ve found that taking hypertonic in the morning and isotonic in the evening daily has really helped with my bloat and I no longer feel tired and sluggish after a big meal. I’ve also noticed a huge difference in my skin and nails. My nails feel stronger and my skin isn’t dry and flakey anymore.”

Editor-in-Chief Vicki Notaro

“I’m always dehydrated with swollen hands so I wanted help with that as well as a boost with some minerals. I started taking Cellnutrition mineral supplements daily. I also felt like my body could benefit from being a bit more balanced PH wise, as I’ve  been told I’m quite acidic due to my IBS. I’ve felt much better since I started taking Cellnutrition daily – we do it in work ceremoniously!

I haven’t succumbed to the viruses and colds everyone else around me seems to have, and my fingers are definitely less puffy and swollen. I just generally feel more balanced.”

Cellnutrition is dedicated to promoting a 100% natural, definitive, scientific approach to optimum health, beginning with the cell – because healthy cells deliver a healthy body.

Cell Nutrition Quinton mineral supplements is ideal for long term use and should be part of your daily health routine. Supplied in a box of 30 x 10ml drinkable vials each box cost €40. Available at and selected pharmacies nationwide.