‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Star Reveals She Was Raped

The actress said the incident occurred early in her career.

How to Get Away with Murder actress Karla Souza has claimed she was raped by a director.

The actress (32) revealed to CNN en Español that she was filming a project in Mexico when she was placed in a hotel separate from her cast-mates where only she and the director had rooms.

“He knocked at my door saying he wanted to go over some scenes and I thought it’s 2 a.m., it’s not appropriate and it’s something that shouldn’t be happening,” Souza said.

The actress refused to open the door despite the director’s insistent knocking. Souza said the director penalized her for the decision by “not shooting” her scene in the film and “humiliating” her in front of others on the set.

“This was the psychological control that he held over me,” she said about the director’s behavior. After a month of being the victim of the director’s “total abuse of power,” Souza felt she had no choice but to “give in” to his physical demands.

“I ended up giving in to him,” Souza said. “[I let him] kiss me, to touch me in ways I did not want him to touch me and in one of those instances, he attacked me violently and yes, he raped me.”

The television star didn’t name the director or state exactly when the incident occurred, other than saying it was earlier in her career.

Souza was brought to tears during the CNN interview.


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