Huh? Fans Seem To Think Adele And Sam Smith Are The Same Person

Behold, another celebrity conspiracy theory.

Adele and Sam Smith both have Oscars, Golden Globes, Grammys, both sing about love and heartbreak and both have sang Bond songs.

So they’re more or less the same person, right?

Fans started a conspiracy theory that Adele and Sam are actually the same person ever since someone noticed that they’re never in the same room together and have no photos together. It escalated after a Twitter video was posted of someone slowing down an Adele track and noticing it sounds a lot like Sam Smith.

Give this a listen…

Now we have to admit, Adele’s ‘Hello’ slowed down does sound very much like Sam Smith, however a video of a Sam Smith track sped up seems to debunk this odd theory,

Twitter will not be swayed.

Could this be true or are we just reaching?

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