“I Don’t Need To Be Judged For That” Dani Dyer Responds To Hate After Cancelling A Meet & Greet To Go On Holiday

Love Island winner Dani Dyer has had to ‘clap back’ at a hate comment from a fan this week, and we don’t know how to feel.

Now, we are unapologetic fans of Ms. Dyer, and she’s been very good at keeping put of drama since leaving the Villa earlier this summer.

But now the beauty has had to respond to some dramz. This week, Dani was forced to cancel an Birmingham appearance which included a meet and greet with fans due to an illness.

Despite telling fans that she was too unwell to attend the event, she later posted a snap on the beach with her bestie.

There could be any number of explanations for this, but one fan let Dani know that she was less than impressed. “Thought you were not well? If you are well enough to go on holiday surely you’re well enough to see your fans! #disappointed.” she wrote on the snap.

Dani, however, was having none of this, and didn’t appreciate her motives being questioned, and decided to respond to the fan herself.

“I always always see my fans I have been working so hard lately and needed a weekend away. I don’t need to be judged for that.” she responded.

“I make time for everyone and sometimes I need time for myself and my friend please understand that. I don’t ever cancel anything unless I really can’t attend something. So don’t judge PLEASE!!”

The comments on the post in question have been turned off now – presumably to let Dani have her holiday in peace!

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