“I Hope It Helps Change The World And How People Feel” CBB’s Chantell Houghton On Her Tiger King Appearance

She was spotted campaigning in the hit docu-series.

It seems the world isn’t over Tiger King just yer. From that catchy TikTok dance to the latest episode now available on Netflix, we’re still slightly fascinated by it. We still want to know all the ins and outs. From those who did binge watch the mini-series, the eagle-eyed reality fans among us spotted Chantelle Houghton, of Celebrity Big Brother, making an appearance. Now, in an interview with Closer, Chantelle is opening up about her appearance in the show, saying that she hopes the documentary raises awareness about animal abuse.

“The documentary is absolutely nuts,” Chantelle told Closer. “No wild animal should be locked up in a cage and paraded around for people to gawp at. But I’m really glad it’s opened up the conversation about animals in captivity, and I hope it helps change the world and how people feel.”

Explaining how she appeared in the show, Chantelle says, “I feel privileged to have been featured. I did that campaign with PETA in 2011, where I stood outside the Houses Of Parliament dressed as a tiger to raise awareness of the cruelty of keeping tigers in zoos or circuses.”

As well as campaigning, Chantelle has also been a vegan for the past few years and has been a vegetarian since she was in school. “I watched a documentary about animal cruelty at school, and it stuck with me,’ she added. ‘I’ve not eaten meat since that day, and I’ve been vegan for the last five years. Animal cruelty is something that I genuinely think about every day and it horrifies me.”


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