‘I Knew That From The Beginning’: Love Island’s Lucie Says Maura’s Feelings For Curtis Are Real


Love Island’s Lucie Donlan has opened up about her friendship with Maura Higgins, saying it took the Longford woman a little while to earn her trust.

When asked about the most challenging aspects of the villa in a post-show Q&A, Lucie said she wasn’t used to having such close friends, or being around people 24/7.

However, for a gal who doesn’t have very many female friends, she did leave the Island with a very good one – Maura. The pair even dumped George and Marvin together!

“It was hard for me to trust people at first, because I don’t trust people just like that. It took me a while to trust Maura but now she’s my best friend in the villa, as is Tommy,” she said, revealing that Maura had been an “amazing” support for her.

I really looked up to her because she’s a bit older than me but is into the same things as me. She loves crazy sports and she came into the villa and she just got me. She really supported me through everything.

Lucie also backed up Maura’s assertion that she was into Curtis Pritchard from day one, but didn’t want to say anything because of his then-solid relationship with Amy Hart.

She told me on the day after she entered the villa that she liked him. She didn’t want to act on it because of Amy. I said “My lips are sealed.” I said to her, “If every guy was single in here, who would you pick?” And she said Curtis. I knew that from the beginning.

Now that Amy has left the Island, Maura is free to pursue her ideal guy – and things take an interesting turn in tonight’s episode.

They’ll be off on a double date with new contestants Chris and Francesca…

…and sharing a kiss after giving each other some sort of weird sexy lapdance. No idea, but Maura is wearing a cat costume and Curtis has on a feathered headdress.

Best not watch tonight’s episode, Amy. They are most definitely moving things along.


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