“I Never Have And I Never Will”: Zayn’s Mum Just (Accidentally) Shaded Perrie Edwards On Instagram

She describes the incident as "a mistake".

When Zayn’s mum shared a photo of her bouquet of flowers, kindly gifted to her by her son and his girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, she never thought that she’s be pulled into a whirlwind of social media drama.

But that’s exactly what happened.

Lots of fans commented underneath the photo to share their love of the red and white roses, and Zayn’s mum, Trisha Malik, went on a liking-spree of almost all of them.

However, she mustn’t have been paying much attention at the time, as she liked the comment of a grumpy fan throwing shade at Zayn’s ex, Perrie Edwards.

The comment read, “Pls he broke up with her [Perrie] for a reason. Also ‘I think he knew she don’t love me’… says a lot. Also she basically admitted to never loving him and the way she’s been acting about him says a lot. And Gigi knows that Zayn needs support and praise bc of his anxiety. She’s always there for him and the way she talks about him with so much love and admiration while all P [Perrie] could say is to call Zayn a freak [sic]”.

Fans quickly reacted to the fact that Trisha had liked this comment, and took it as Trisha’s way of throwing shade at Perrie herself.

In an attempt to gain some damage control, Trisha wrote, “I honestly don’t have anything against Perrie, I never have n I never will. This is the reason I don’t come on to social media, because everything u do always gets blown up in to some big drama. I didn’t like this comment, I must of pressed it by mistake as I was going through them, so please don’t say things about me that r not true [sic].”

So there we have it… it was simply a slip of the thumb and Trisha has since deleted the photo from Instagram completely.

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