“I Want To See Life With Clarity” Love Island’s Dr Alex On Why He’s Going Sober

"I want to feel the grief over my brother"

Dr Alex George reveals he has joined the 'glasses crew' with playful snap - DUK News

Love Island star Dr Alex has opened up with his followers the reasons why he’s decided to give up alcohol.

He shared that although alcohol hasn’t been particularly destructive for him and he has always been able to ‘control’ his consumption, he says that drinking casually and often simply doesn’t make sense for him anymore.

“Alcohol is a terrible mix with ADHD, has no real benefits to our physical and mental health, and yet I drink regularly. I have started to question why?,” he wrote on Instagram.

Continuing on, Alex says that he wants to make this change to benefit his life.


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“I love being out at the crack of dawn, Rolo (his dog) at my side. I love being able to experience all of the colour in life, in full HD. Alcohol turns down the frequency, distorts the colours and muffles the noise. Have I enjoyed times having a drink? Of course. But the cost, especially as I go into my thirties, is it too dear?”

Finally, Alex added the main reasons for his decision, sharing that feeling the grief of losing his younger brother, Llyr, who died in July 2020, is one of them.

“I want to feel the grief over my brother, process loved ones leaving my life, and see life with clarity and colour, knowing that I can give 100% of the things I care for and enjoy. I want to know sober Alex and what sober Alex wants from life.”



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