“I Was Really Badly Affected By It” Eve Gale On The Death Threats Her Sister Jess Is Receiving

The messages have seemingly gotten worse since the 'Kiss, Marry, Pie' challenge.


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This year, for the first ever winter Love Island, the producers tried to shake things up by introducing twins to the villa. Although it didn’t exactly work out in their favour, because Eve was dumped from the villa almost immediately.

With Eve out in the real world, and Jess still in the villa, Eve decided she would take over her sister’s Instagram account. But with the management of an Islander’s Instagram, comes a whole lot of grief too. After Jess kissed Mike in one of last week’s episodes, her Instagram engagement turned particularly nasty. And Eve wasted no time in screenshotting the insults to call out those strangers who were sending hurtful messages to her sister. According to Grazia, the now expired Stories showed death threats that had been sent to Jess, racist comments and abuse.

Speaking to Grazia, Eve said everything got worse after Jess chose to kiss Mike. “Before [the challenge], she was getting really nice messages, but obviously there were a few mean ones. But it was definitely not a popular decision when she chose Mike. Then she was getting so many racist comments from a lot of young boys. They were saying the N word, like you’re disgusting, why would you pick this person, which I was obviously really shocked by.”


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Eve continued to say that even she hasn’t been coping well with the amount of abuse that Jess has been receiving. “I was really badly affected by it – that’s my sister and naturally I feel protective over her. She is the most real, lovely, kind girl ever and she doesn’t deserve this. She is getting more hate from being in a reality TV show than murderers do.”

Eve then went into a little detail on how ITV prepared for contestants for negative comments on social media, advising them not to engage or reply to anything. Although Eve hadn’t replied, she did receive further comments from those who were included in the screenshots posted to her Story. “I got messages from them and their friends saying “please delete this, I am going to get bullied at school, I’m going to lose my job.” Although Eve simply thinks it boils down to karma, “If you’re going to send messages like that deal with the consequences.”

Although Eve thinks Mike seems like a nice person, she says she just wants what’s best for Jess, adding, “I just want her to be happy. If she’s happy I don’t care.”


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