‘I was sleeping in my office at night’ Joanne McNally On How Her Eating Disorder Affected Her Life

"My mum wouldn’t let me in her house"

TW* Eating Disorder

Joanne McNally has spoken openly and bravely about the eating disorder she battled in her 20s.

The Dublin comedian says that she suffered from bulimia for around 8 years, with it coming to an apex when her mother wouldn’t allow her into her house.

She told pal Spencer Matthews on his podcast Big Fish that she suffered from what is known as ‘purging’, eating food and regurgitating it again. She says that she was addicted to it and what once started off as ‘just one meal’ ended up with her unable to have ‘anything in her’.

“Purging was actually addictive, and then I just got to a point where I can’t have anything in me and then it’s just this constant,” she said.


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Continuing on, Joanne says how the disorder affected her life, forcing her to sleep in her office so she won’t bother her housemates or family.

“My mum wouldn’t let me in her house because I was binging and purging in her house and she couldn’t deal with it,” she said.

“I was sleeping in my office at work because I was binging and purging in the house and it wasn’t fair on my flat mates”

Continuing on, Joanne adds: “So I was sleeping in my office at night. All the staff would leave and I would pretend I was working late and would just stay there binging and purging through the night.”

With professional help, Joanne says that she managed to overcome her eating disorder and is now the ‘healthiest’ she has ever been.

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