I Went Smartphone-Free For 60 Days And This Is What I Learned…

I ditched my smartphone and made some surprising discoveries.

girl using smartphone

I read this morning that one in 10 Irish people check their phone 160 times day. Seriously, 160 times a day!

The days of appreciating our food, coffee, books, views, drinks, friends and babies without Snapchatting, Instagramming, Facebooking or tweeting about them are long gone, and I’m as guilty as the next person when it comes to being addicted to my phone, because before my iPhone detox, I too was permanently glued to my screen.

But two months ago, my phone was stolen and with no money to invest in a fancy new smartphone, I was forced to buy myself a giant €40 Nokia instead.

Those 60 days I spent with my Nokia (or my ‘Blokia’ as I later christened it) were awesome and awful in equal measure, but when the initial withdrawal symptoms subsided I was able to live in the moment.

Here are some of life lessons I learned during this time:

1. I am a much cooler person without an iPhone

Probably because I interact more and actually listen to what my friends are saying, instead of staring at a screen.

2. Not having a smartphone is incredibly freeing

Seriously. There’s something so very liberating about being able to disconnect from the world for a bit, and not constantly be ‘switched on.’

3. Being iPhone-free is good for my stress levels

Without the constant pressure to keep up with my Facebook messages, reply on WhatsApp and update my Insta feed, I was definitely feeling a lot more calm.

4. I have so much more free time

Minus the hours wasted scrolling through my Facebook and watching tutorials on YouTube, I’d heaps more time to do stuff I actually enjoy, like reading, eating out and spending time with my friends.

5. I don’t have to photograph everything

Without the pressure to post my breakfast, lunch and dinner to Instagram, I was able to live in the moment. I learnt that it’s actually possible to enjoy what you’re doing without telling the world about it. In fact, you’ll probably enjoy it even more.

With all those benefits in mind, I was feeling pretty good, but here’s the kicker: After 60 days of being iPhone free I could no longer take being the outsider. I was starting to feel pretty jeal about all the LOLz my friends were having on WhatsApp and I just wanted to fit in again and have something to entertain myself with, so I caved and bought myself a shiny new iPhone 6.

But I’ve made a promise to myself: I will never return to being the iPhone addict I once was.

Now, excuse me while I share this post on all forms of social media.