Ice Spice Being Confused At The Super Bowl Is A Mood

Girl was baffled.


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Last night saw one of 2024’s biggest events of the year for American football fans, Taylor Swift stans, and anyone who knows at least one Usher song.

At least, that’s how it felt for those of us who have little to no interest in American football.


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We’re rewatching the show this morning (it was on at 3am GMT) solely for the drama of Taylor and Travis’ love story, Usher’s incredible halftime show, and the sheer spectacle of it all.

And it looks like we’re not the only ones – as Ice Spice, invited by Taylor Swift herself to watch the show, looked completely and utter bewildered by the football proceedings the entire game. Gas!


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For those of you who’ve been living under a rock, Taylor Swift’s attendance at the Super Bowl was down to the fact that her boyfriend Travis Kelce plays for the Kansas City Chiefs, who last night beat the San Francisco 49ers in the biggest game of the season.

It was an intense game right to the end, going into overtime for the second time ever in Super Bowl history.

At half time, Usher wowed the crowd with some seriously impressive performances, surprising the crowd with guest appearances from HER, Lil Jon, Ludacris and Alicia Keys. Wild!

(No sign of Justin Bieber, though, despite rumours he might grace the stage.)

Anyway, now that you’re caught up on what went down Super Bowl wise – back to Ice Spice.

The New York rapper had everyone watching Taylor’s co-hort entertained all night long, as she was caught on multiple occasions looking positively baffled, and on others having the game clearly explained to her in detail.

Honestly, she’s such a mood!

Because sport is overwhelming enough without being in a suite with the player’s families; sitting next to Taylor Swift and Blake Lively; randomly watching an entire Usher concert in between; and trying to focus while celebs like Paul Rudd just casually chill below you.

Next time we’re sitting in the pub while our boyfriend’s mates shout about Liverpool for an hour, we’ll try to imagine we’re just waiting for Beyoncé’s halftime show.

We’re just like Ice Spice, really.