If You Watch One Thing This Week, Let It Be Joanne McNally’s Baby Hater Documentary

Not all women want kids, y'know.

There’s a lot more to Joanne McNally than her incredible STELLAR magazine column, we’ll have you know. The comedian is also unafraid to question social norms, and her new documentary is proof of that.

In Baby Hater: True Lives, Jo sets out to challenge the concept that having a baby defines you as woman, and she questions why women who don’t want children are judged so harshly by society. Now aged 34, she doesn’t think she wants kids of her own, but whenever she shares her thoughts either onstage or online, she’s continuously told that she’s ‘wrong’ and will live to regret her decision.

This documentary, which will make you think and laugh in equal measure, follows Joanne as she gets her fertility tested, meets a newborn baby and toddling triplets, and discusses the issue with her own mother. She looks at every aspect of this life changing decision, meeting the ‘baby opposed’ and the ‘baby obsessed’, including parents who regret having their own kids (yes, they exist).

Will she decide that motherhood’s for her? Find out on Wednesday night, at 9pm on TV3. Watch the trailer below:

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