“I’m So, So Sorry”: Ariana Grande Has Cancelled Her Concert Due To “Health Problems”

She made the last minute announcement on Instagram.

Ariana Grande landed in Vietnam on Tuesday ahead of her Dangerous Woman concert there, but the 24-year-old has had to cancel the gig due to health concerns.

Taking to Instagram Stories, she wrote to her 113 million fans saying, “My babes in Vietnam, I apologise from the bottom of my heart but I’m really dealing with some health problems at the moment.

“I came here to Vietnam, so excited to perform, my doctor won’t allow me to do the show for you tonight. I’m so, so sorry. There is nothing I hate to do more than to do this but I promise to make it up to you in the future.

“I love you and thank you for understanding,” she concluded.

Although she hasn’t specified what the health condition is, she’s reportedly still planning to perform on Saturday in Beijing, China. She then has gigs lined up in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Taiwan.

Whatever it is, we hope she feels better soon!

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