Indiyah Polack Has Teased Dami Hope Engagement

Is there a ring on the way soon?

Indiyah Polack Dami Hope


Love Island star Indiyah Polack has hinted at the future of her relationship with Dami Hope, and she sees the couple taking a massive step!

Dami and Indiyah first met during season eight of Love Island, and have been in a relationship for over a year. They currently live together in Indiyah’s native London.

So seeing as they are already so serious, what’s next for the pair? Well. Speaking to The Mirror, Indiyah shared that a trip down the aisle is on the cards.

When asked about their future together, the 24-year-old teased: “Oh, don’t know maybe a nice car, nice ring…”

Pic: Instagram/Dami Hope

“No babies for now, but maybe we can do cats and dogs. We can do a house… marriage,” she added.

The couple recently celebrated their one year anniversary, but according to the reality star, it feels like they’ve been together longer.

“We’ve only been together a year but sometimes it feels like, ‘wow, like, this feels way longer than a year’. But I think that’s a good thing though; to feel like you’ve been with your person forever,” Indiyah gushed.

Dami Hope and Indiyah Polack


Ringing in their first anniversary, the couple penned some seriously sweet tributes to each other.

Starting off, Dami wrote: “Happy 1 year anniversary to my baby, my second family, through all the ups and downs I’m happy it’s you that I always see on the other side.”

“Thank you for riding with me and being my anchor and letting me be yours, it’s giving best friends to lovers trope and it’s been a hell bent loving rollercoaster and I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

“Crazy how we went from standing at a firepit picking each other to living, growing and choosing each other daily.”

“I look forward to all our many anniversaries, the life we’re going to create and all our adventures getting there. I think it’s important to find someone you can really enjoy life with and I’m eternally grateful it’s you,” he concluded.

Indiyah Polack Dami Hope


While Indiyah couldn’t help but share her own touching tribute.

“You take the words out of my mouth every time, and I’m so grateful and happy that I get to do life with YOU, here’s to many more anniversaries and an amazing life together.”

“I love you so so much and it still blows my mind that a year ago we didn’t know a thing about true love but I can say I found it with you, here to get on your nerves 4ever.”