Inside Kim Kardashian And Serena Williams’ 20 Year Friendship

They've been besties since the beginning!

Images via Instagram, @serenawilliams @kimkardashian

Did you know that Serena Williams and Kim Kardashian are besties?!

Neither did we, but it turns out the pair have been friends for over two decades – and they’re as close as ever!

The pair drew attention to their connection a few weeks ago when Serena joked that Kim needs a tennis tutor – stat.

Commenting on a series of photos posted by Kim where she hangs out on a tennis court in a bikini (as you do), Serena teased her friend over her skills.


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“Literally not how you hold a racquet,” she joked. “Clearly I have to give you lessons lol.”

In a new interview with GQ, Kim addressed the cheeky comment from Serena by clapping back.

“First of all, I was walking to the other side,” she said.

“Is there a special way you have to hold the racquet just to walk from one side to the other side? I was also out of bounds at that point!”


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The reality TV star then relaxed her defences and admitted she’d love a little training from Serena.

“But I’m waiting, I would love lessons from the G.O.A.T.,” she shared.

So, how have Serena and Kim grown close enough that they can slag each other out in the open?!

It turns out the pair met over 20 years ago when Kim was running her closet organising and eBay resale business.

Though their relationship was initially professional when Serena hired Kim, it grew into something more personal over the years.


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In an interview with Vogue in 2017, Kim gushed about Serena’s “silly” side, and how trustworthy she is.

“Serena’s the girl you can call and say anything to,” Kim confessed.

“She’ll never judge you, and she’s never too busy for you…Oh, and she can keep any secret.”

Kim also spoke about Serena’s relationship with her husband,  Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, after she attended their wedding.

“I’ve known Serena for so long and am so happy she’s found her prince. From the moment she told me she met Alexis in Rome, it was like…she’s been so happy and has this light about her that is so special to see.

“You just know it is so real. He makes her so happy and that just makes her friends happy.”

We love that Serena and Kim have kept their relationship tight all these years. Adorable!