Insta Creep: Courteney Cox Visited The Friends Apartment, Continuing Her A+ Insta-Content…

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“IS THAT YOU?” What Lisa K said when I showed her this pic.

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Courteney Cox’s Instagram content continues to be A+++.

Courteney hasn’t shied away from Friends-related posts, sharing cute throwbacks with her co-stars and even recreating the iconic ‘PIVOT’ scene.

Yesterday, she took it up a notch by visiting the Friends apartment block in New York:

“The One Where My Rent Went Up $12,000,” she wrote.

The building can be found on Bedford Street in the trendy West Village, just a few streets away from Carrie Bradshaw’s stoop. These 90s characters just loved lower Manhattan.

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Locking it down. ? #futuremrsrodriguez

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Barack Obama sent Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez a letter to congratulate them on their engagement. Eh, wow.

J Lo and A Rod got engaged earlier this month while on a fancy holiday, and it’s safe to say absolutely everyone was delighted for them (everyone except Alex’s former teammate Jose Canseco of course, who accused him of having an affair with his wife).

Someone who was especially happy is Barack Obama, who was compelled to pen a handwritten note to the newly-engaged couple:

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This means the world to us. #44

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Michelle and I just wanted to congratulate you on your engagement. After 26 years together, we can say that whatever challenges life may bring, sharing them with someone you love makes it all better.

Ah jaysus. How lovely. Sure that’s practically your wedding vows written, guys.

Kim Kardashian has a new nemesis, and it’s… Cash Me Outside Girl from Dr Phil.

It’s worth noting that Cash Me Outside Girl has since transformed into a rapper called Bhad Bhabie, who has sustained her career by feuding (or attempting to feud) with numerous other celebrities.

In 2017 Bhabie told the paparazzi that she would “whop every Kardashian ass there is” – but changed her tune a few months later when she posed for a photo with Kim.

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See, I can play nice too ??

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This started a whole new wave of drama when Kim claimed she didn’t know who Bhabie was, and assumed she was posing with a regular old fan, which made Bhabie mad: “Why people lying like, bitch, you know who I am?”

Anyway, Paper Magazine tweeted the 2017 photo again yesterday with the caption “I think about this a lot.” Bhabie replied:


We love petty shite like this. Bhad Bhabie, you card.

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Who wants to be my girlfriend?

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Bella Thorne washes her hair with beer, for some reason.

The singer/actress posted a video of a friend pouring a glass of beer over her hair beside what appears to be a public pool, which… guys. Do your weird hair treatments at home.

In the caption, she explained that beer “naturally lightens your hair” and that it’s actually good for you.

My next film my hair has to be hunny blonde, saving me a trip to the salon. In my book I talk about the tips and tricks, the ups and downs, and the very low lows. Order the book right now and I might hand deliver you a case of beer.

So much to unpack there. The idea that beer will turn her hair ‘honey blonde’? With those dark roots? And then the shameless plug for the book… Girl.


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