Insta Creep: Gwyneth Paltrow’s Daughter Told Her Off For Posting A Pic Of Her Without Asking…

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter told off her famous mam for posting a photo of her without asking first. Oh snap!

Apple Martin is now 14 and clearly an opinionated young lady – she was not having Gwyneth posting a photo of the two of them from a recent ski trip.

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“Mom we have discussed this. You may not post anything without my consent,” she commented under the pic – maybe joking, maybe not at all joking and being the teenager she is.

“You can’t even see your face!” Gwyneth replied. Apple’s comment is now gone, but the picture remains… We guess mom won this round.

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Khloe Kardashian sent freebies to a fan who was working extra shifts to buy a pair of Good American jeans. 

Earlier this month, Twitter user Kaelynn Abner said she would have to work 20 hours to afford the jeans, but she was going to have to because she was ‘in love’ with them.

Khloe responded calling her ‘cute’:

The reality star got a good bit of stick for this – people wondered what was so ‘cute’ about her jeans being so expensive that the average person would need to work 20 hours to be able to afford them.

It seems this got through to Khloe, because she then sent Kaelynn a box of Good American goodies:

We wouldn’t expect her to relate to having to work for things you want to buy, but good that she got the message eventually.

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Thank you sun

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Zendaya had no idea she’d been papped in her trackies, and now she’s pissed she didn’t get the chance to bring her fashion A-game.

The Greatest Showman actress saw paparazzi photos of herself in sweatpants and slippers doing the rounds online, and wanted to let her fans know that if she had the chance to prepare, she’d have ‘served looks’.

Taking to her Instagram Story, she said:

The one time I decide to leave my house to get some f**king pizza… Nobody ever follows me! Nobody cares where I’m going because I never do anything exciting. I was painting a wall in my closet… I’m not prepared, I’m not ready, not even lipgloss, nothing.

“You know I’ll serve looks if necessary, but we were not… moral of the story is, I should just not leave my house, which is what I wanted anyways,” she concluded. Please, look at the photos she’s talking about:

As the Twitter user says, she still looks fantastic. Please, Zendaya.

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Emily Ratajkowski is defending her husband not paying the rent on their Manhattan apartment. 

Emily and Sebastian Bear-McClard (wow, what a name) are living in their loft for free under a New York City loophole that prevents landlords from evicting artists living in certain buildings.

It’s meant to protect struggling artists, but Sebastian is rumoured to be worth $12m, which doesn’t particularly scream ‘struggling’. Tweeting about the issue, the model said:

[Sebastian] is an independent movie producer so people thinking he’s rich is real nice but not based in fact. He was raised in the neighbourhood he lives in now, both of his parents are artists who were priced out of their homes in downtown New York.

“NYC has changed so much and it’s a shame that people who work in creative fields are being moved out of the city,” she finished.

Unsurprisingly, there is little sympathy for the plight of the famous couple. “Seems like you both can afford to party all the time so why not pay the rent?” asked one Twitter user. Why not indeed.


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