Insta Creep: Karl Lagerfeld’s Cat Choupette Is ‘In Mourning’ For Her Late Owner…

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Karl Lagerfeld’s beloved cat Choupette has announced that she is “in mourning” following the designer’s death. 

Choupette was famously pampered by Karl, who fell in love with her (and basically stole her) after a friend asked him to mind her while they were away. She has her own Instagram account with 235,000 followers, and is named in his will as one of the heirs to his £150m fortune. Seriously.

In her first Instagram post since the death of her ‘daddy’, Choupette cuts a devastating figure in a funereal veil:

“Thank you everyone for your words of condolence. With a once cold but now simply broken heart, I am going into mourning,” she ‘writes’.

I pray that your kind words and well-wishes will help me to put my best paw forward in my future without Daddy, and as my own woman.

Well, that got us all teary for some reason. Poor Choupette! Hopefully your vast inheritance will make you feel better.

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Meanwhile, Cara Delevingne has hit out at Jameela Jamil for branding the late Chanel designer a ‘ruthless, fatphobic misogynist’. 

While he was received his fair share of glowing tributes from friends and fans alike, his detractors have been quick to point out that he wasn’t exactly a saint. Remember, he once called Adele “a little too fat” (though he did say she had a “beautiful face and a divine voice”).

Responding to an article about Karl’s less than savoury views on women, Jameela tweeted (and then deleted):

I’m glad somebody said it. Even if it is a little soon. A ruthless, fatphobic misogynist shouldn’t be posted all over the internet as a saint gone-too-soon. Talented for sure, but not the best person.

This hit a nerve with Cara Delevingne, who was one of Karl’s favourites – she tweeted back, saying: “No one is perfect but you clearly don’t know the man so please keep your opinions to yourself and stop bashing people for attention.”

The two women then had a pretty civilised (but kinda pass-agg) discussion about Karl and his views:

Both are right in some ways, and they’re obviously never going to agree… but at least they could be somewhat nice about it.

Beyoncé and Jay Z accepted their BRIT Award in front of a painting of Meghan Markle in a tiara and jewels.

The couple couldn’t be there in person to collect their award for Best International Group at the ceremony last night, but they accepted it by recreating their Apeshit video, with Megs standing in for the Mona Lisa.

“I won this award back in 2002 with my besties, Kelly and Michelle. How lucky am I to have been in a group with my other best friend, the GOAT Hova,” she wrote.

In honour of Black History Month, we bow down to one of our Melanated Monas. Congrats on your pregnancy! We wish you so much joy.

On a scale of one to ten, how thrillt is Meghan right now? We’d never recover.

And finally, Lily Allen documented having her nipple hairs plucked before the BRITs after parties. As you do!

The singer filmed her poor makeup artist getting to work on her chest, saying:

Literally lightening my nipples right now… Georgie is literally plucking hairs out of my nipples and I didn’t even know they were there. Because I obviously haven’t looked at my nipples in so long.

Good on you Georgie. As it turns out, Lily was wearing a see-through gown with just a nude-coloured leotard covering her nips, so the ‘lightening’ was perhaps necessary for the look. The things we women have to do, eh?


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