Insta Creep: Lady Gaga Fans Think Her Latest Tattoo Is A Secret Tribute To Bradley Cooper…

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Lady Gaga fans have discovered an extra detail about her new tattoo that lends even more credence to that theory that she and Bradley Cooper are secretly in love.

Gaga and Bradley made A Star Is Born together, had loads of chemistry, and seem to absolutely adore each other IRL, so obviously people were like GET TOGETHER YOU TWO (never mind that Gaga was engaged and Bradley is dating Irina Shayk).

The singer had the musical notes G A G A tattooed on her arm recently, which is a nice idea:

But one fan has said that while the notes do indeed read G A G A in the treble clef, in the bass clef they read B C B C… and they harmonise perfectly when you play them on the piano.

Listen, maybe it’s a declaration of her undying love for Bradley, but it’s more likely that she thought the G A G A thing was cute. Though the rumours that she’s split from her fiancé Christian Carino don’t help…

Khloé Kardashian can wipe her baby’s bum JUST FINE with her super long manicure, OK?

Khloé posted a photo of her fresh nails on Instagram a few days ago, bringing out the concern trolls wondering how she takes care of True with these claws, and warning her of the germs lurking beneath them:

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And Khloé has felt the need to address the criticism, tweeting that she gets on just fine, thanks a million:

As every woman who has long nail stenos will tell you, you just get used to living life with an extra few cms on your fingers, and you keep things as clean as you can. No need to call a national emergency.

This photo of Miley Cyrus’ mom Tish has inadvertently sparked a debate about white privilege. 

Billy Ray posted a pic of Tish standing next to a safe filled, and we mean FILLED, with huge bags of weed:

Now the Cyrus family are pretty open about their weed use, especially Miley, but this is another level entirely.

And while Tish commented under the photo clarifying that it was a) not her house and b) not her weed (“But if it was, that would be amazing for so many reasons!”), it still got people’s backs up.

“Thousands of black people are in jail for the most minor weed offences but Miley Cyrus’ mom can post this on Instagram with no issues,” tweeted one.

While weed has been legalised in many parts of the US, according to figures from the ACLU, black people are four times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than white people. So you can see why this photo would have hit a nerve.

And now it’s time for… #WhatsChrissyUpTo?

Because she’s always up to something.

Chrissy somehow managed to chip a tooth while she and John were filming Family Feud, the US version of Family Fortunes. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they ‘brought a flask’ presumably filled with something alcoholic?

She previously tweeted a video of her mother struggling with a question with the caption “We are f**ked”, so it’s hard to say if they did well or not:


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