Insta Creep: Pippa O’Connor’s New Walk-In Wardrobe Is Gonna Be Nicer Than Our Entire House…

What all the celebs are up to on social, from A to Z listers.

In our gossip column, we indulge our nosiest desires and delve deep into what the celebs (and ‘celebs’) are doing on social media. Who’s tweeting and deleting? Who’s shady faving? Let’s find out.

Have you all been keeping up with Pippa O’Connor’s home renovation? We certainly have.

Pips and husband Brian Ormond are completely re-doing their €1.3m Kildare home, and have hired Dermot Bannon to design it (the dream).

Over the past few weeks she’s been sharing bits and pieces from the site – and so far all we’re thinking about is how unreal this walk-in wardrobe is going to be:

That one room is definitely nicer than our entire house. We suddenly have a strong urge to do the Euromillions?

Kim Kardashian has been going through her old yearbooks on Instagram Stories, and it’s been just delightful.

As well as a load of pics of Young Kimmy, there are also snaps of baby-faced Nicole Richie and erm… Jake Gyllenhaal:

She didn’t explain the Gyllenhaal connection, but it’s just further proof that everyone in Hollywood knows each other and were/are friends.

Selena Gomez has disabled her Instagram comments over a post she made about the March For Our Lives at the weekend. This is a thorny little story, but we’ll try and explain as best we can.

A few years ago, Selena defended her pal Taylor Swift after a fan asked why she hadn’t come out in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, saying:

Oh lol so that means if I just hashtag something I save lives? No – I could give two f*cks about ‘sides’. You don’t know what I do.

Selena was roundly criticised for inferring that Black Lives Matter was ‘just a hashtag’ – and she appeared to reference this in her post about the March on Saturday with ‘#NotJustAHashtag’, which was taken as yet another dismissal of Black Lives Matter.

It’s always worth keeping in mind that the internet never forgets…

Hailee Steinfeld is adding even more fuel to the rumours that she’s dating Niall Horan by posting this photo:

The pair have been spotted at various gigs and events over the past few months, and now she seems to be accompanying him on tour. Will we see you in the 3Arena on Thursday, Hails?

And now it’s time for… #WilloughbyWatch

Welcome to Insta Creep’s regular segment #WilloughbyWatch, in which we explore the public’s obsession with what Holly Willoughby wears on This Morning.

Yesterday morning Holly wore a checked wrap skirt from Marks & Spencer, which appeared to please most of her notoriously picky Instagram followers. However one observed that the “shoes were killing her” so it just goes to show that they miss NOTHING.

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