Insta Creep: Someone Told Pippa O’Connor Her Dress Wasn’t ‘For Someone Over 30’, And She Had To Laugh…

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Welcome to villa Lancôme ?

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Pippa O’Connor is laughing after being told her dress ‘wasn’t suitable for someone over 30’.

The former model and influencer was in Lake Como in Italy for an event with Lancome, and sported a pink ruffled Zara dress to go out to dinner:

However, a follower took it upon themselves to inform Pippa that she was basically too old to be wearing something like that (she’s 34, BTW. So you know, mad old and over the hill).

Sharing the comment on her Story, Pippa wrote: “Don’t be that person.” But it didn’t seem to bother her too much – speaking on her Stories last night, she said:

I loved wearing that Zara dress, I thought it was so fun and girly, loved the ruffles… just don’t wear it if you’re over 30, apparently. Joking.

Like… beyond the fact that you can wear anything you want no matter what age you are, she looks undeniably fantastic in that dress. Leave Pipper alone.

Love Island has advised people not to drink every time one of the contestants says ‘It is what it is’. 

The phrase is pretty much the unofficial slogan of the villa, with viewers joking that it should become a drinking game. However, the programme has warned against it:

They say ‘It is what it is’ so often you’d literally be on the floor within five minutes, so maybe we should heed their plea.

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@halfwaydead drops tomorrow 9am pst

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Rob Kardashian is back on Instagram, despite the fact that he was banned for posting revenge porn of his ex-fiancée Blac Chyna. 

Rob has been forbidden from using the platform since 2017, when he shared nudes Chyna had sent him plus a video of her in bed with another man.

Recently, though, a new verified account called @robkardashianofficial has popped up, promoting his clothing brand and posting pictures of his daughter Dream.

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Lol hi

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So has Rob been un-banned? Eh, no. His new account is being managed by Mama Kris (or ‘Jenner Communications’) and Instagram tells TMZ that there are “certain rules and guidelines in place” that prevent Rob from using it as a personal account.

He can’t write his bio or captions in the first person, upload any posts himself, or create any of his own content for the account – and TMZ reports that there are no plans to lift the ban any time soon. Deserved, TBH.

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