Instagram Just Added The One Video Feature That Snapchat Should Have Had Ages Ago

Oo-er. Another move to outdo Snapchat.

instagram live

Snapchat’s Evan Spiegel better get moving, because Instagram’s newest video feature is one Snapchat should already be the market leader in.

Following on from the success of Facebook Live, Instagram HQ today added Live Stories to their video feature. Yup, just like on Facebook, you’ll now be able to let your Instagram followers see what you’re seeing, as you’re seeing it.

“We’ve seen stories open up a new side of what people share on Instagram, and now over 100 million people use it every day. Live video on Instagram Stories helps you connect with your friends and followers right now,” the folks at Instagram say of the new feature.

“When you’re done, your live story disappears from the app so you can feel more comfortable sharing anything, anytime.”


To get going, simply swipe right out of your Instagram feed to open the camera, click “Start Live Video” and get broadcasting. as with Facebook, users can comment on your Story in real time.

“We pivoted,” Instagram’s head of product Kevin Weil told Tech Crunch of the new venture for the app. “Instagram should be all of your moments, not just your highlights.”

You’ll know if someone you follow is live by checking the top of your home feed where Stories usually reside – look for “live” under their profile picture. The photo-sharing app also today enabled disappearing photo functionality for Instagram Direct, the app’s private messaging service.

Surely a Snapchat live feature isn’t far off?