Instagram Plans to Start Hiding Likes And Roz Purcell Thinks It’ll Make The App Better

"I get so many messages off young girls who see Instagram as a measure of their worth"

Instagram recently announced that it plans to start hiding the number of likes on a post from your followers. This is in an effort to make the app a healthier place and get people to focus more on nice content they post because they want to, and not because it’ll the perfect Insta pic.

This move is one that will rattle a lot of big influencers, whose perfectly curated feeds wrack up hundreds of thousands of likes daily.

One influencer who is totally on board with the move is fitness and food blogger Rozanna Purcell.

“After the F8 developer conference Instagram said they will start testing out a new way we see Instagram and I for one think it would make this place a far better one,” she revealed on the app.


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“The idea is to hide users likes on content from the public( so only the person posting can see they’re engagement).”

I get so many messages off young girls who see Instagram as a measure of their worth and a place of comparison on every level particularly popularity. They hope it will get users to start posting more real and enjoyable content rather than posting things they think people will engage with. 

You as the follower will still be able to see the names of people who liked a post, but there’ll be no number to show you how many.

In the age of online validation, it could definitely be seen as a positive move, especially for younger people on the site who grew up in the Instagram age and associate popularity and even happiness with how many likes a post gets.

For now, the new update is being trialled in Canada and if all goes to plan it’ll then be rolled out across the app.


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