International Women’s Day: 8 Beautiful, Uplifting And Inspiring Quotes

Here's to strong women, may we know them, may be we them, may we raise them...

Happy #IWD2021 to all our incredible STELLAR readers. Today, to mark this special day which aims to highlight equal rights and opportunities for women as well as reminding them of how important, strong, courageous and loved they are, is one that we’re embracing with full force.

Sharing a selection of our favourite quotes, poems and celeb speeches, here are some wise words from some equally wise and incredible women which we hope remind you of how special and capable you are of anything.

We are capable of bringing about so much change when we work together. We have the ability to create the future for our daughters and those who come after us. We believe the world should be a beautiful and bright place thanks to us. One where everyone feels respected, loved and equal.

1. Rupi Kaur

A short poem taken from the 28-year-old poet’s second book, The Sun and her Flowers.


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2. Selena Gomez’s speech at the Billboard Woman of the Year awards

Selena Gomez tearfully accepted her award for Woman of the Year in 2017 at the Billboard Music Awards. During her acceptance speech, Selena spoke about how for the first time in her career, she felt comfortable and proud as a woman in her industry and thanked the “older women who have lifted us all up, because I couldn’t be here without any of you..”

You can watch in full below.

3. Amanda Gorman reading ‘The Hill We Climb’ at the 2021 United States Presidential Inauguration, 2021

This clip went viral earlier this year and for all the right reasons. Reading her own original work, 22-year-old Amanda Gorman became the youngest poet to ever recite at the United States inauguration.

Reciting verse inspired by the Capitol attack, Amanda touched on how democracy “can never be permanently defeated” and when we believe, have faith, “merge mercy with might”, then “love becomes our legacy”.

Watch in full below.

4. Jane Fonda’s International Women’s Day message

‘We are much, much less vulnerable to the disease of individualism than men are…’ Jane Fonda explained this statement and why she believed it to be true during her message for IWD2021. Joining Jameela Jamil, the pair sat down to chat about the power of women for a special collaboration with Italian jewellers, Pomellato.


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5. Michelle Obama and Charlize Theron at Glamour Magazine’s event The Power of Educated Girls, 2015

For a panel discussion, First Lady at the time Michelle Obama shed advice to an audience of young girls on why it’s powerful to believe in yourself and why you should never be afraid to be smart.

Adding to that, Charlize Theron continued by saying that as girls we tend to “aim a lot lower” than we know to be our worth, but it’s important to remember that there’s nothing wrong with aiming big and dreaming bigger. It has the power to move mountains.

6. Alex Elle’s daily affirmations and reminders

Instagram poet Alex Elle’s posts are both powerfully spirited and important to read. Through her own pain and difficulties, she’s teaching others how they can grow from what hurts them, change their outlook on life and most importantly, love themselves more with constant reminders and belief.


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7. Cleo Wade ‘How To Breathe When You Want To Give Up’

Poet Cleo Wade shared this poem as a reminder to all when they’re feeling overwhelmed by the ‘world/country/government’ where they live. A reminder to remember the power of breathing.


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8. Priyanka Chopra speaking at Build Series, London, 2017

Priyanka delivered a powerful speech on the importance of sharing your opinion when you have one. Explaining how her teenage years weren’t an easy ride and finding her identity was tough, Priyanka learned that the ‘only thing you need to wear well is your confidence’.

Happy International Women’s Day today and every day.


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