Irish Blogger Kaelin Fox Introduces Her CUTE Puppy During Birthday Celebrations

Sorry now, we're weak.


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Now that’s one way to remember turning 25-years-old. Fashion and lifestyle blogger Kaelin Fox just celebrated her birthday in New York City by picking up her new family member – a gorgeous little puppy.

“Everyone meet Joey” the Kerry native wrote on Instagram as she shared a selection of photos of the adorable little pup.

The miniature golden doodle is a dog that Kaelin has wanted for months and now, just in time for her birthday, she was able to pick up the gorgeous pooch.

“The little guy that has stolen our hearts and made this birthday extra special despite everything going on the world 🖤 We picked him up earlier this week after months of waiting and have had so much fun getting to know him,” she continued by saying.

Posting one snap of him in a Burberry-esque lead and collar, we know this is going to be one spoiled pup, who will for sure, pop up on our Insta feeds time and time again.

Bringing him to the Hamptons this weekend, Kaelin was joined by her sister Erika Fox (Retro Flame), who too, snapped lots of photos of Joey out and about on his first trip.

Erika also marked her sister’s birthday with a sweet Instagram post. The pair work alongside each other in New York, with Kaelin originally moving out there three years ago to work on her sister’s blog. Now, while they still work together, Kaelin has also created a growing platform for herself too. One where she shares fashion and lifestyle photos and inspiration.

“Happy 25th birthday @kaelin_fox 🎉 My partner in crime, built-in best friend and the one who keeps me somewhat cool. So so thankful we’re here in New York together, especially these last few months,” Erika wrote on Instagram.


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Now, more pics of your pooch please! We need lots of Joey content!


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