Is A Derry Girls Film On The Horizon?

We'd eat this up.


Could we see the Derry Girls on the big screen?

Well, Saoirse Monica-Jackson would definitely love to see it.

She played Erin, of course, on the series and has teased that they could be returning, this time in film form.

Appearing on the podcast, Dish with Nick Grimshaw & Angela Hartnett, she revealed that she would definitely be on board if the opportunity arose.

Pic: S_E Creative Studio

“I think that would be great. I think it’s so brilliant to see what everybody else went on to do after it,” she explained.

“And I mean, the cast is all so talented and it was amazing to work with them all, so it’s interesting to see what everyone’s went on to do afterwards, and I think it’s always good to give these things space creatively and then come back, and I think it also might be more interesting d’you know, to revisit these characters at a later date.

“But like honest to – that’s not down to us you know, that would be down to Lisa, but I would read the ingredients of a Pot Noodle if she asked me to so Lisa, if you’re listening?”

Yes, Lisa McGee, please? We would love to see what the Derry Girls are up to in the future…

Pic: S_E Creative Studio

Did Erin and James get together? Is Orla a steparobics champion? And what are Clare and Michelle up to?

Reflecting on her time on the show, Saoirse confessed: “I got to be one of them. Do you know, sometimes when I think back on it, and obviously there’s been more space now in the last year, to reflect on it and have a bit of hindsight, it’s even more so now, cannot believe my luck that I was just out of drama school and a fantastic writer had made this amazing TV show based on where I’m from, it’s like, that is just extraordinary luck, d’you know…”