Is Ariana Grande Dealing With The Passing Of Mac Miller In Her Latest Song?

The lyrics are heartbreaking.


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Ariana Grande dropped her new album Positions last week and we’ve been listening to it non-stop since.

Though many of her songs seem to be about being in love and her current relationship with Dalton Gomez, it seems one song is all about Mac Miller.

Ariana and rapper Mac Miller dated for over two years, but split around April  2018. Mac sadly died the following September from an accidental overdose.

Off The Table, which features The Weeknd seems to document Ari coping with the loss of Mac.


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The opening lines immediately seem to reference dealing with relationships after one ended.

“Will I ever love the same way again? Will I ever love somebody like the way I did you? Never thought you’d be so damn hard to replace I swear it don’t need to be this way If I cant have you, is love completely off the table?” she sings.

She goes on to say she “might not be quite yet healed already.”

The Weeknd appears to play the role of the boyfriend trying to help her get through her grief.


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“I’ll wait for you, even though it always feels like I’ll be number two, to someone you can’t hold anymore.” he sings.

“If you let me in, I’m ready to give you what I couldn’t before ‘Cause I got you girl, let me help you through it You’re trying to fill that void with a couple boys I can see right through it.”

Ariana is currently in a relationship with Dalton Gomez, which seems to be who The Weeknd is speaking on behalf of in the song.

Anyone who has faced grief or loss will know that Ariana will always miss Mac Miller and be affected by his death. We totally understand what she’s saying about the struggle to move on and have new relationships.

You can listen to Off The Table here.


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