Is Your Period Unusual This Month? This Could Be The Reason Why

Blame the universe.

Did you see the solar eclipse the other day? It seems the whole world was watching as the moon completely covered the sun on Monday afternoon. (See this gas video of SJP observing the phenomenon here…)

But the eclipse causes more than just darkness – and we hate to be the bearer of bad news but it’s probably messing with your menstrual cycle.

The eclipse marked the beginning of a new moon cycle, and it seems that changes in the moon can affect our periods. Think mood swings, unexpected bleeding, and intense cramps.

Allison Walton, a women’s health and integrative nutrition specialist in Richmond, Virginia told Marie Claire, “We tend to feel the strongest pulls during the full moon, which may result in heightened emotions and feelings of heaviness on a physical and energetic level.”

“Think about the power of the moon’s gravitational pull on the tides,” she said, “Now imagine what that may do to our body as well.”

“Traditionally, the new moon is associated with menstruation, when a woman’s body is shedding, releasing, and bleeding,” she explained. “Known as the White Moon Cycle, it’s a time to deeply nurture and honour the body, allowing plenty of space to restore.”

Have you noticed any changes to your cycle this month?

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