It Turns Out Naomi Campbell Didn’t Think She Would Actually Make It To Her 50th Birthday

She thanked those who "endured her through thick and thin".


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After celebrating her 50th (fiftieth!) birthday last week, Naomi Campbell has taken to Instagram to thank those close to her for “enduring” her “through thick and thin” throughout her life. In a very Naomi Campbell style Insta post, she shared a photo of her chilling on the couch, surrounded by bouquets of flowers, admitting that never thought she’d reach the milestone birthday.

She began the post by saying, “I would like to firstly say THANK YOU for all the birthday love, well wishes and blessings!” Before continuing, “I’m so thankful to have amazing people in my life and grateful for all 50 of my years on this beautiful planet, I honestly did not think I would get here, for those of you who endured me through thick and thin, the ups and downs, for my recovery family, who keep me on the straight and narrow, who stand discretely by side I am eternally grateful.”


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“My journey so far has been extremely colorful, always reminding myself I am a work in progress, growing and learning every day. Without you all I would not be here, there would be no Naomi and those of you, (you know who you are) your honesty, consistency and embrace means the world to me.”

She then ended the post by saying, “Love you all and know how much you all mean to me… And Mum thank you for giving me life and life lessons.”

Well, a very happy 50th birthday to you, Naomi!


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