It Turns Out This Too Hot To Handle Contestant Already Won A Reality Dating Show

Now that's just greedy...

Too Hot To Handle, the show that’s so bad it’s good has got the entire nation talking this week since it dropped on streaming service, Netflix last weekend.

From group bust-ups to raunchy moments, the drama is plentiful on the show, but it seems that one contestant is kind of used to the dramz a reality TV show entails, since he’s been on and even won one before.

Harry Jowsey, the man from down under who is partly responsible for losing the group $20k, has previously appeared on New Zealand dating reality series Heartbreak Island back in 2018.

Now we can kind of see why losing the 20k so too much of a big deal to him, because not only did he appear on the NZ dating show, he also went and won the blooding thing, bagging $100k with his then-girlfriend, Georgia.

But, the 22-year-old says that his experience winning a different reality show didn’t affect his behaviour in the Netflix series, he made sure to remain true to himself.

Telling Mail Online, he said:

“I’ve always been true to myself.”

“I’m a massive idiot, so I never usually think about stuff that I do. I definitely think that going on this second show it was a way easier decision because I knew exactly what I was getting into.” he continued.

Harry and Franchesca did leave the show as a couple, which isn’t a huge surprise as they quite literally couldn’t keep their hands off one another, costing the group thousands of dollars, unfortunately, their status as a couple is now a mystery. But, if Harry is single again, he could always give Love Island a go?




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