‘It Was Insensitive’: Kim Kardashian Has Apologised For Joking About Looking ‘Anorexic’

"I guess sometimes you can get carried away."

Back in July, Kim Kardashian posted an Instagram Story of herself and her sisters hanging out, chatting about Kim’s recent weight loss. “I don’t think you’re eating, you look so skinny,” Kendall says to Kim, to which she replies: “Whaaaat?! Oh my god, thank you!”

Khloe chimes in, describing Kim’s waist as ‘anorexic’, while Kim joyfully insists that she’s “not that skinny” because she was only “down to 119 pounds”.

People were pretty horrified that they would share this type of conversation without thinking about how it might impact their (many, many) followers:

Kim doesn’t often respond to backlash, but speaking to Ashley Graham on the first episode of the model’s new podcast, Pretty Big Deal, she apologised for her delighted reaction to being called ‘anorexic’.

“My intention was never to offend anyone and I apologise if I offended anyone,” she said. “I know people that have serious eating disorders that have been in and out of the hospital for 15 years, close people. So I’ve experience enough to have like, known better.”

I was with my sisters and we were laughing and joking and it’s loud… I guess sometimes you can get carried away. It was insensitive, you know, and it definitely wasn’t my intention though. I think, especially my fans and everyone that was watching was supportive, like, “OK, maybe you guys shouldn’t have said that but I know what you were saying.”

“Everyone that watching was supportive”? Those tweets seem to say the opposite. It’s hard to take this extremely seriously from a woman who promoted appetite-suppressing lollipops, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.


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