“It’s Been Really Tough” Grace Mongey Has Been Hospitalised Due To Mastitis

Grace Mongey was hospitalised on Thursday due to mastitis.

The blogger, also known as Faces By Grace welcomed her baby boy Hayden last month, but has sadly been struggling with some health issues since.

She took to Instagram to share the tough news, and got honest about her struggles.

“I was admitted into the Coombe today with mastitis, feels like with every step forward I take I’m knocked two steps back. Seeing his smiling face looking up at me after his fed makes it all worth while,” she revealed.


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“It’s been tough, really tough but it’s definitely worth it. You really don’t know how strong you are until your faced with obstacles like this. Hopefully, after a few nights in the hospital and some antibiotics, we will kick this dose and be back to ourselves. Thanks to everyone who messaged and gave me great tips and advice, your support means the world to me.”

Little Hayden joined her in the Coombe and Grace shared snaps of the newborn in his cot.


She also opened up about missing her little girl Sienna’s graduation.


Mastitis is a condition that mostly affects people who are breastfeeding. It’s an inflammation of breast tissue that sometimes involves infection and results in breast pain, swelling and redness. It can also cause fever and chills.



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