It’s Finally Here! Check Out The Full Kevin The Carrot Ad From Aldi

Here's what happened to Kevin

Image via Aldi

Possibly one of our favourite things about Christmas is the cutest festive TV ads. One that’s always in our top three has to be Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot. We just can not begin to cope with the cuteness.

Last year we saw Kevin fighting off the Leafy Blinders and now he’s back, trying his best to get home for Christmas. You’ve probably spotted the teaser ad on the TV, but in case you haven’t, let us remind you.

The advert opens with Kevin flying along in his fighter jet, with wingman Lieutenant Turkey by his side. While appearing to be in total control with Santa Claus even making a brief appearance, things soon turn to disaster as Turkey accidentally ejects Kevin from his seat. Spiralling downwards Kevin’s parachute goes on fire, with the hashtag #whereiskevin appearing on the screen.

The full ad is now available, and it’s the best thing we’ve seen all week – maybe even all year.

Determined to be reunited with his loved ones no matter what, Kevin is fortunate enough to find a few new friends to help. Getting him out of his snowy spot of bother is a friendly hedgehog, Harry, who gives him a lift.

But the twists don’t stop there! While riding as fast as they can through the night, they fall into a deep ravine and splash into a fast-flowing river. The hope of Kevin making it home to his family seems to be fading fast when who should appear but Santa Claus, played by much-loved Irish actor Colm Meaney (Intermission, The Van and Into the West).

Can Santa help Kevin finally make it home? Well, of course, he can.

Check out the full ad below, and get ready for all of the Christmas feels!

Plus, there’s even special extra footage just for Ireland, where Kevin and Santa have the chats while cycling through the sky, ET style. Check that out below too.



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