“It’s Not Easy”: Pippa O’Connor Opens Up About “Stressful” Days And Why She Doesn’t Share “Sh*t” On Social Media

The mum-of-two has opened up about relying on her support networks and trying to be a positive person.

Pippa O’Connor is one of our fave ladies on Snapchat because of her cool, calm and collected character. She always seems to be in a good mood and her down-to-earth nature distracts us from whatever crap we’re dealing with in our own lives.

But the business woman has recently explained that she has stressful days too – she just doesn’t share them on social media.

Pippa relies heavily on her husband Brian, her colleagues, and childcare to help her through the day, because there simply aren’t enough hours to get everything done.

“You’re only one person. I can’t mind my kids, and work and clean, and be here. Some days are so stressful. You’re trying to get to work and your child could be sick, or something business-wise isn’t going right, it’s not easy.”

“Sometimes women will Snap me and go ‘oh my God you seem like you do everything’, and I’m like ‘be under no illusions. It’s impossible.’”

Speaking to the Sun, she said, “I’m not the type of Snapchatter that goes on and says ‘oh I’ve had a really bad day and this happened, I had a fight with someone’. That’s just not my personality. It’s not me not being real, it’s just not the way I am.

“I only want to do social media to show the nice bits because life is shit enough without me adding to that by giving more problems.”

The mum-of-two added, “I try to be a positive person. That’s the feedback I get from other mums. They like to sit down at the end of the day at seven o’clock and listen to a bit of fluff, fashion and beauty.

“There’s enough other people talking about important things, I don’t feel I need to do that as well.”

Too right, Pips.

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