“It’s That Simple”: Jacqueline Jossa Forced To Defend Her Marriage Amid ‘Unhappiness’ Rumours

The Eastenders actress clarified things on Twitter.

Jacqueline Jossa first started dating Dan Osborne in 2013, and they officially tied the knot with their dream wedding four months ago. However, rumours have been circulating online that the pair aren’t as happy as they once were, with some trolls even suggesting that their marriage is in jeopardy.

The EastEnders actress, who was recently let go from the BBC One soap, had been spotted looking very unhappy as she was picking up her husband and his friend from a lads’ night out. Meanwhile, reports from Star magazine claimed the couple “barely spoke” while at a recent film premiere in London.


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But Jacqueline has taken to Twitter to put the record straight, saying that she only looked unhappy because she was tired. “I finished filming this morning at 2.30am, I text Daniel knowing he was out asking if he needed picking up, he did… it’s that simple.”

She added, “I look annoyed because it was 3am, I was tired and someone was taking a pic of me… ?? .” Makes sense to us, TBF.

Fans have been replying to the star, saying, “You don’t need to explain yourself!” and “Why do you feel the need to justify yourself? It’s your life and nobody else is living it but you and your beautiful family… simple.”

Too right, eh!

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