It’s…… The Colleen & Rebekah Lowdown

What's happening in the aftermath of the WAG showdown?

What seemed like the run of the mill, average Wednesday turned into a drama filled, trending worthy day that had everyone talking. Coleen Rooney announced on her Instagram that she had suspicions of a certain someone leaking stories from her private Instagram to newspapers. She then, in a dramatic reveal, claimed the Instagram account the leaks were allegedly coming from was that of Rebekah Vardy. If you haven’t yet caught up on exactly what happened, you can find out right here.

Today, the drama continues as Rebekah Vardy has been Tweeting like nobody’s business. Ex WAG and model Danielle Lloyd has seemingly joined in on the drama, stating on This Morning that she and Rebekah Vardy have has ‘similar run-ins’ in the past. Rebekah then decided to clap back on Twitter, saying Danielle’s claims are nowhere near the truth. But it hasn’t ended just yet!

A mere two minutes later, Rebekah Tweeted that she won’t be saying any more until “we’ve finished looking into this situation properly”. From Coleen’s detective skills to Rebekah’s serious statement, we’re getting serious FBI vibes.

Since what was deemed as the most dramatic showdown of 2019, the internet has had a field day with hilarious memes. Let’s be honest, we’re all loving it. Twitter, in particular, was the place to be for the gas memes, immediate updates and of course, the #WagathaChristie phenomenon. Who knew Coleen Rooney has Class A detective skills?

If you haven’t been sucked into a Twitter hole thanks to the WAG filled drama, enjoy some of our all-time favourite memes to come from it.


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