It’s True: Breakups Really Do Make You Stronger

Heartbroken? Don't fret; It's been proven that people who've experienced heartbreak are stronger and happier.

Bridget Jones

You’re never, ever, ever getting back together and you’re totes devo. Ben & Jerry are your new BFFs and nothing, (not even a cheeky glass of red) can seem to console you, but this might be some comfort.

A study, published in the Journal Of Personal Relationships found that heartbreak has some pretty deadly positives. That’s cos when you’re broken-hearted you go through a period of intense personal growth, the study found.

Researchers questioned 92 students who had recently gone through a split, about how they were coping with the breakup. They also asked the students, if there’d been any positive changes in their lives since breaking up with their beau.

The results? “Every single participant listed some positive life changes as a result of their breakup and there were on average five positive changes reported following these breakups,” says the study’s lead author Ty Tashiro.

That’s pretty awesome news, right? Among the top listed ‘benefits’ of breaking up were feeling more confident, having more independence and feeling closer to friends and family, meaning the recently broken-hearted felt both stronger and happier than they did pre-split.

That certainly makes us feel better than hiding under our duvet.