“I’ve Had Melanoma”: Khloe Kardashian Reveals Skin Cancer Scare On New Reality Show

She's apparently susceptible to skin cancer, and gets checked every three months.

Last night, Khloe Kardashian appeared on a new reality show called Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, and she made the surprising confession that she once had melanoma.

She made the revelation after the medium warned her that she may face having melanoma in the future.

During his psychic reading, Tyler said, “This came through really strongly: skin. I’m seeing skin. I’m referencing to what looks like melanoma. I’m getting a reference to three separate situations that I view as being problem areas.”

After pointing out Khloe’s back and leg, he continued, “I need you to keep both in mind. This is huge.”

That’s when Khloe admitted, “I’ve had melanoma on my back but never on my leg, so where else?”

The third place Henry sensed was a problem area was “a little bit more of a private area.” Khloe later admitted that she thinks Tyler was referring to her chest, because she’s gotten a biopsy done there before.

Khloe wasn’t too surprised by the psychic reading, as she later said on the show that she’s had melanoma twice before. “I get everything checked every three months,” she said, “I actually thrive off information, so I can do something about it.”

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