J.Lo Found ‘Maid In Manhattan’ On TV And Got Adorably Nostalgic About It

Wonder how she gets when she hears 'Jenny From The Block'?

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Usually late-night channel surfing throws up nothing but re-runs of QI and documentaries about dairy farming, but sometimes you get lucky. A classic Friends episode, anything starring Cary Grant or – best of all – a repeat from Season One of The Great British Bake Off.

Jennifer Lopez clearly had the late night TV gods looking down on her benevolently the other evening when she came upon a rare gem: one of her old films that just so happens to be a damn good rom-com too. Maid In Manhattan first came out in 2002, but it’s still got a strange allure, and we’d be all over it if we found it on TV one evening.

J.Lo seemed pretty chuffed with her find too, posting a clip to Twitter and writing “Late night flipping thru channels and came across this sweetness… #maidinmanhattan #memories #MarissaandTy #goodtimes #TylerPosey.”

Too sweet.

While she has starred in around 20 films throughout her career, among them The Wedding Planner, the critically damed Gigli, Monster-In-Law and What To Expect When You’re Expecting, J-Lo is more widely known for her music career and says she has worked hard to keep both parts of her working life alive.

“I’ve been in the grind and the game for a long time. At a certain point, people respect you when they see you fall down and get back up. The more you’re in this life, the more they celebrate your triumphs,” she told W magazine last year.


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