Jacqueline Jossa Moves Into New Home As She ‘Needs Time’ Away From Dan Osborne

The I'm A Celeb winner has signed a six month lease on a new apartment.


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After reports first claimed that Jacqueline Jossa and Dan Osborne called it a day on their three year marriage, the I’m A Celeb winner has cleared the air, revealing that they’re on a much needed break.

Sharing photos from a new home on Sunday evening, it has been reported that Jacqueline has signed a six month lease on a new flat so she can give herself enough time to think about her relationship and the next steps.

The Daily Mail has reported that Dan wasn’t aware that Jacqueline was moving into a new home and believed she was going to stay with her parents. However, as the source continued, they explained that the pair’s rows have once again focused around Dan and his flirty behaviour with other women.

“Dan’s sworn to her on so many occasions he’s going to change his ways but just can’t help himself messaging other women,” said the source.


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Both Dan and Jac have been sharing snaps with their kids, with Dan posting photos of the pair’s son Teddy, while Jac seems to now be isolating with their girls, Ella and Mia.

Clearing the air on all that was going on between them, Jacqueline shared a statement to Instagram yesterday which read:

“I need some time. There is no split. No divorce. We are working together not against each other.”

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Continuing, the source explained that Jacqueline has obviously been finding this time very “distressing” and that lockdown has magnified the couple’s problems and questions around Dan’s loyalty – something which has been a problem for the couple in the past too.

Jacqueline also noted earlier in the week that she was going to be taking some “time off” social media in order to focus more on herself.

Her husband Dan has yet to comment on the couple’s break.