Jacques O’Neill Just Threw Shade At Adam Collard

A sly dig...


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Jacques O’Neill was notably missing from last night’s Love Island reunion, but we finally know his thoughts on his former flame Paige Thorne and ultimate bombshell Adam Collard’s relationship.

The rugby player did an Instagram Live with his Love Island bestie Luca Bish and he was asked what he thinks of Paige and Adam and he had some sarcastic comments to make about the pairing.

“Well, her mum seems to love him doesn’t she?…He’s in there with the fam!” he said.

This was a little dig at the iconic Love Island star as Paige’s mom made it very clear when she appeared on the show that she wasn’t “buying” the relationship. She asked Paige if she knew who he was as Adam was previously known as a womanizer and on his previous season hopped from girl to girl without thinking twice.


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Adam has claimed that he has changed his ways since and revealed on the reunion show that he is pulling out all the stops to impress Paige’s family, bringing chocolates and flowers and perfume for her mom.

Jacques and Paige have yet to get in contact since they left the show. Jacques departed early due to his mental health struggles halfway through the series, before leaving, he told Paige he wanted to make her his girlfriend and that he would pick her up from the airport when she was out. Of course, Paige found a connection with Adam while inside the villa and the pair are now exclusive, meaning Jacques wasn’t their lift home after all.


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Luca, who is now dating Jacques’ ex-girlfriend Gemma Owen revealed that Jacques was the first person he called when he got out of the villa, proving that their bromance is still going strong.

Maybe it is ‘Friend Island’ for some after all!

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